Make Recordings at Home for Fun and Profit

My Personal Home Recording Studio

The mission for Make Recordings at Home is to help YOU find your way in the maze of confusing information relating to home recording studios and how to get your best sound.

Here you can find informative articles relating to the equipment you need depending on what your end goal is in mind.  You will also find tips & tricks for better sound.  There will be information on how to mic instruments, voices and more.

We understand that you won’t always have the best money can buy.  We get that.  I started with a mono reel to reel recorder in high school, graduated to a Teac stereo reel to reel that I modified to do overdubs and later moved to a Teac 3440 4 track reel to reel.

By this time I had enough of tape and wanted the features that I could only get with a fully digital computerized DAW (digital audio workstation).  I have never regretted the move nor looked back.  I have learned the value of unlimited undo capability.  I have software and hardware effects.  I can make great recordings at home without breaking a sweat.

I have also expanded so that I have a laptop based fully portable home recording studio as well as my desktop based system in a dedicated home studio.  I can record electric guitar in the woods if I want, interview people on location with studio quality mics and much more.

I can help you with computer selection, A/D converter choices, software selection, mixdowns, effects, guitars, keyboards, speakers, recording console desks and more.

Will I have all the answers?  Certainly not.  Can I short circuit your learning curve to get you up and running smoothly and with less problems.  More than likely.  I would like to help.

You see this stuff is fun to me.  It probably is to you as well or you wouldn’t be here or have read this far.  My years playing in bands, decades of having home recording studios and my electrical engineering background all play together quite nicely.

So let’s go on this journey together and see where it leads.  I hope you have as much fun as I do learning to make recordings at home.


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